• Dear Dr. Chrys,
    I heard from my hematologist that my red blood cells are now up to 10.7, just about normal, from the original 7.6 count (patient was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia). Also, my platelet count which was too high has dropped. She asked what I’ve been doing and I told her that you, as a healer and chiropractor, suggested that tapping on the spleen meridian as often as possible would be helpful. I remembered to do that all week when I was in Florida and I continue to do so. She said I won’t need cortisone as long as the numbers remain so good – and she added, “keep tapping ! “ I’m delighted she’s so open-minded. She wants another blood test in 6 weeks. I’ll keep on tapping – no reason to stop.

    (Sheila updated me one month later, that her red blood cell count read 11.2, which is within normal range (11.1-15.9)).

    Thank you so much for your caring, your holistic knowledge, and your friendship. You are a true healer in every sense of the word.

    Namaste, Sheila B.

    Sheila B., Rockland County NY

    Retired Teacher

  • I am blown away by the quick results I’ve experienced with Dr. Chrys and Faster EFT. I have tried coaching, therapy, etc and this is by far the most effective modality I’ve witnessed. I have struggled with insomnia, depression and anxiety as a result of severe allergies and a sensitive nervous system. I could not believe how quickly Faster EFT alleviated these emotions not to mention the physical symptoms that came long with that. One example is that every October I seem to fall into a deep depression which causes muscle aches and insomnia. After one session my depression and muscle pain completely vanished. The year before my depression lasted for many weeks and was so profound that I was prescribed prozac which I had to come off immediately due to its side effects. I am beyond grateful for Faster EFT and Dr. Chrys. She is so compassionate and passionate about healing others! It is wonderful to work with someone who really cares and who is truly on the forefront of health and healing. She has become my lifeline and I can’t recommend her enough.

    Amy E., New York, NY

    Amy E.

    Beauty Coach, NY

  • You saved my life! Even though I continue to experience some depression, my anorexia is completely gone after one session with you! Even though I still feel sad, my appetite is normal and I am eating regularly. I’ve suffered from anorexia for over 40 years and this is a true miracle! Plus, my cigarette consumption decreased from 2.5 packs to 1.5 packs per day after one session, and we didn’t even address the smoking yet! Wow! I know that resolving my depression is right around the corner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Solange S. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Solange S.

    University Professor, RJ, Brazil

  • “After my car accident, I had a lot of pain on my left shoulder and arm. Even with all the Physical Therapy I did, the pain persisted and I was feeling quite discouraged and stressed out. After working with you and exploring some underlying emotional causes for my shoulder pain with EFT, the pain diminished considerably right away. Thank you for your help!”   Dr. J. A., Nevada City, CA

    Dr. J. A.

    Chiropractor, Nevada City, CA

  • “I had the most amazing breakthrough with Dr. Chrys. She gently helped me shift back into taking responsibility for my reality at a time when my emotions were getting the best of me.

    The breakthrough experience was powerful and lasting. She was able to take me back in time to when my issue had started and process my beliefs and emotions. I felt transformed. Thank you for giving me the support I really needed!

    Filled with gratitude.”

    I. N., Miami, FL